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If you or someone you loved has been arrested or accused of a crime in Austin, Travis County, Williamson County, or elsewhere in Texas, you are probably frightened, confused and concerned about your future and that of your family.


If you are questioned by the police, politely say “I want a lawyer” and contact a criminal defense attorney as quickly as you can. You should know that the police’s job is not to protect you, but instead is to investigate crimes and gather evidence to build a case against you. In the course of doing this, officers are often “flexible” with the rules, and you may find your statements taken out of context so the officers can support an arrest. Most people accused of a crime provide all the evidence needed to convict them directly to the police and prosecutors themselves through confessions and statements. While you should always be polite with police officers, it is important to know and protect your rights, and the best way to do that is to ensure that a lawyer is present whenever you are questioned by law enforcement.

At Izzo & Associates, PLLC, we are criminal defense attorneys that know how to defend you against the power and material resources in the Texas criminal justice system. We fight for our clients by pursuing pre-trial motions to exclude testimony, suppress evidence or dismiss the criminal charges. Call to find our more about how your criminal defense attorney can fight to protect you and your good name.

If you have been charged with a crime, it can be one of the most stressful experienced of your life! By hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney, we can help you reduce your stress level by letting us deal with the prosecutors, and ensuring that you get the best outcome for your case. Failure to properly confront your criminal charges will likely lead to emotional, financial, and legal difficulties, not only during your accusation, but also for many years in the future. At Izzo & Associates, PLLC, we help not only by forcing law enforcement to prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt, but also by working with you to determine what the best possible resolution is for your life situation.

Being accused of a crime can have far more consequences than just the sentence the Court will announce. There are many other indirect consequences that can follow you around for the rest of your life if they aren’t dealt with properly. Certain types of convictions can mean you aren’t eligible to work in certain jobs or industries, or can result in the confiscation or revocation of your license to work in those fields, like law enforcement, doctors, nurses, school teachers, pilots, or members of the armed forces.

Don't face this on your own, and make sure you protect your rights! An Austin criminal defense attorney can help you navigate the procedures and landmines of the Texas court system. Izzo & Associates, PLLC helps ensure that their clients get the best possible outcome, and works with them to avoid possible pitfalls with the indirect consequences of a criminal case.

The criminal defense lawyers at Izzo & Associates, PLLC are experienced in dealing with numerous types of criminal offenses in Travis County and Williamson County. We can help you if you have been arrested for driving while intoxicated, drug charges, probation violation, gun or firearm violations, sexual crimes, marijuana possession, theft, or other misdemeanors or felony offenses.

Call today to speak with an attorney at Izzo & Associates, PLLC about protecting your rights and your reputation after an arrest. Being represented by an attorney from the start will help you to navigate the legal system, and to investigate the details of your case. The first step in fighting the charges filed against you by the State is hiring a criminal defense attorney to protect your rights. Contact Izzo & Associates, PLLC today for a free phone consultation about your case. We can start defending you as soon as we are hired. Call 512-218-9292 or fill out the online case evaluation form.


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